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Seasonality of easy-peeler citrus fruit: Peru and the world

May 21, 2020.

More than 50 varieties of easy-peeler citrus fruit exist in the world.

W. Murcott, satsumas and clementines are among the most popular worldwide – all of which grow in Peru and are exported across the globe. The country’s production window is wide and the fruit quality is high, allowing Peru to become a global player in citrus.

With over 150,000 tons shipped in 2019 alone, Peru is now the largest exporter of mandarins and clementines in the Americas, and 6th largest in the world. The majority of Peru’s production is concentrated in its fertile coastline, where the areas of Huaral, Chancay and Ica provide excellent soil and climate conditions.

The following data was compiled by La Molina Food Company using official government statistics. We hope it is helpful to growers, exporters and buyers of this delicious and nutricious fruit.